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RUBOMETRIC Type D self-opening die heads AKON Werkzeuge GmbH


RUBOMETRIC Type D self-opening die heads are suitable for economical cutting of all common forms of threads in every length no matter right or left-hand; the latter requires using left-hand chasers. The die heads can be used on turning machines, turret lathes, single and multi-spindle automatic lathes, threading machines, drilling machines, or on other machines suitable for cutting threads. RUBOMETRIC Type D die heads are manufactured in accordance with the GEOMETRIC system and therefore the chasers of other brands of die heads such as GEOMETRIC type D and EFEM type G fit into  UBOMETRIC Type D die heads as well.

Advantages of the die heads:

  • Shorter working time
    Reverse movement is no more necessary as the die head opens automatically after the cutting process has ended and the chasers are automatically retracted from the threads.
  • No reversal in the rotary direction of the machine‘s spindle is necessary after thread cutting has been completed.
  • Usage of the die head in accordance with the machine‘s construction type. (The die head is inserted into the tailstock of the machine, and thread is cut by rotating the workpiece)


  • Rotating (The die head rotates and the workpiece remains static)
  • Simple and accurate adjustment of the die head, for cutting threads in fine tolerance.
  • By adjusting the die head you can cut over- or undersized threads using the same chasers.
Selbstöffnenden Gewindeschneidköpfe von Rubometric

For exact values and tables please refer to our data sheet (PDF).

Part No.DescriptionThread size
500208RUBOMETRIC Schneidkopf DS 5/16" Schaft Ø 16 mmM2 - M8
500414RUBOMETRIC Schneidkopf D 9/16" Schaft Ø 26 mmM4 - M14
500620RUBOMETRIC Schneidkopf D 3/4" Schaft Ø 40 mmM6 - M20
500824RUBOMETRIC Schneidkopf D 1" Schaft Ø 40 mmM8 - M24

Operation of the die head

To initaite thread cutting you need to either manually or mechanically move the die head to the workpiece. The thread length to be cut is set by means of a work stop, where the release path (a) needs to be taken into consideration as well. Once the desired length is reached, the die head will no longer move forward. The die head opens automtically and the chasers release the work. The die head can now be withdrawn over the cut thread and reset.

Die heads with a Morse taper shank

RUBOMETRIC die heads can also be supplied with Morse taper shanks, in accordance with DIN 228. When utilizing this design, the thread length to be cut is limited, as the Morse taper does not permit cutting of just-any thread length. The maximum possible thread lengths are:

  • Size DS 5/16“ = approx. 70 mm
  • Size D 9/16“ = approx. 100 mm
  • Size D 3/4“ = approx. 130 mm
  • Size D 1“ = approx. 140 mm

Each die head is supplied with a user instruction manual.

RUBO Gewindeschneidkopf selbstöffnend

Examples of use

First option

Die head inserted into the tailstock
Insertion into the tailstock quill (remove the dead center and use die head with Morse taper shank). Pressing of the die head against the workpiece is carried out by means of a hand wheel, or the corresponding lever device.

Second option

Die head attached to the tool post
Attachment to a commercially available quick change tool post. The use of lead screw results in particularly pitch-accurate threads. It is recommended, and necessary, to use the lead screw on large and heavy turning machines

RUBOMETRIC Type D self-opening die heads with cylindrical shank

RUBO Gewindeschneidkopf selbstöffnend
SizeThread sizea Release path (mm)B1 Bigger bore-Ø (mm)B2 Smaller bore-Ø (mm)D1 Head-Ø (mm)d1 Shank-Ø (mm)l1 Shank length (mm)L Total length (mm)Die heads weight approx. (kg)
DS 5/16“M2 - M83/32“ - 5/16“-3119401640970.6
D 9/16“M4 - M145/32“ - 9/16“1/8“ - 1/4“417156226521261.4
D 3/4“M6 - M201/4“ - 3/4“1/8“ - 1/2“4.526228040701643.2
D1“M8 - M245/16“ - 1“1/8“ - 3/4“4.528.5279240701764.2

RUBOMETRIC Type D self-opening die heads with Morse taper shank

RUBO Gewindeschneidkopf selbstöffnend
SizeThread sizea Release path (mm)B2 Smaller bore-Ø (mm)C Maximum thread length (mm)D1 Head-Ø (mm)MT Morese taper (mm)L Total length (mm)Die heads weight approx. (kg)
DS 5/16“M2 - M83/32“ - 5/16“-397040MT 2970.6
D 9/16“M4 - M145/32“ - 9/16“1/8“ - 1/4“41510062MT 31261.4
D 3/4“M6 - M201/4“ - 3/4“1/8“ - 1/2“4.52213080MT 31643.2
D1“M8 - M245/16“ - 1“1/8“ - 3/4“4.52714092MT 31764.2

Product video: Rubometric self-opening die heads

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