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Accessories and spare parts for die holders AKON Werkzeuge GmbH

Shim ring

Shim ring
Part No.Dimension d2 (mm)For attachment/ holder part No.
01220520102007 & 022007

The shim ring is required for cutting fine threads. They are inserted into the holder together with the die.

Reduction adapter

Reducing adapter
Part No.Dimensions (mm)For attachment/ holder part No.For die OD and height (mm)
0016052016102007 and 02200716x5, M1-M2.6

Set screw (cone point) - DIN 914

Set screw DIN 914
Part No.Dimensions (mm)For attachment/ holder part No.
010306M3 x 6101605
012508M5 x 8102007 and 022007
020610M6 x 10022509 and 023011
030810M8 x 10304518
031012M10 x 12305522 and 306525

Hex key - DIN 911

Hexagon-socket key DIN 911
Part No.Dimensions (mm)For attachment/ holder part No.
0120252.5102007 and 022007
0220303022509, 023011 and 023814
0330505305522 and 306525

Parallel key (round-ended) with a retaining screw

Slide spring with screw
Part No.Description (mm)For attachment/ holder part No.
003506Parallel key w/ a M3.5x6 screw021000, 304518 and 305522
033510Parallel key w/ a M3.5x10 screw306525
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