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Accessories and spare parts for die holders AKON Werkzeuge GmbH

Shim ring

Shim ring
Part No.Dimension d2 (mm)For holder part No.
E-0151520E-01113 and E-01115
E-0151845E-01121 and E-01123

The shim ring is required for cutting fine threads. They are inserted into the holder together with the die.

Reduction adapter

Reducing adapter
Part No.Dimensions (mm)For holder part No.For die OD and height (mm)
E-015112016E-01113 and E-0111516x5, M1-M2.6
E-015123820E-0111920x7, M3-M6
E-015133825E-0111925x9, M7-M9
E-015143830E-0111930x11, M10-M11

Set screw (cone point) - DIN 914

Set screw DIN 914
Part No.Dimensions (mm)For holder part No.
E-01562M3 x 6E-01111
E-01547M5 x 8E-01113, E-01115 and E-01512
E-01548M6 x 10E-01116 and E-01117
E-01549M6 x 16E-01119
E-01539M8 x 10E-01121 and E-01123
E-01540M10 x 12E-01125 and E-01127

Hex key - DIN 911

Hexagon-socket key DIN 911
Part No.Dimensions (mm)For holder part No.
E-015542,5E-01113, E-01115 and E-01512
E-015263E-01116 - E-01119
E-015274E-01121 and E-01123
E-015285E-01125 and E-01127

Parallel key (round-ended) with a retaining screw

Slide spring with screw
Part No.Description (mm)For holder part No.
E-01525Parallel key w/ a M3.5x6 screwE-01116 - E-01125
E-01532Parallel key w/ a M3.5x10 screwE-01127
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