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Holder set for CNC machines AKON Werkzeuge GmbH


Our new Holder set is designed for cutting male thread on a CNC machine. For this purpose, our new cylindrical mandrel is used.


  • The thread size ranges from M3 to M14 or N5x40 to 9/16“x12 UNC
  • The Holder set is in a handy tool box delivered.


  • Fast and simple cutting of threads
  • No need to adjust the cutting tools, ready for immediate use!
  • Easy change of holders for different thread sizes
  • Increased production through a shorter processing time
Holder set for CNC machines Holder set for CNC machines
Part No.Consisting ofDimensions  (mm)Thread size to be cut
dhUNC and ISO metric coarse thread size - (for dies DIN 223 / EN 22568)Maximum thread length
E-01710E-01701 Die holder 20x7/5207M3 - M6, UNC Nr.5x40 - 1/4"x2050 mm
 E-01702 Die holder 25x9259M7 - M9, UNC 5/16"x18
 E-01703 Die holder 30x113011M10 - M11, UNC 3/8"x16 - 7/16“x14
 E-01704 Die holder 38x14/103814M12 - M14, UNC 1/2"x13 - 9/16“x12
 E-01707 Cylindrical mandrel ø16 mm   

Product video: AKON-holder set for CNC machines

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