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AKON holders for dies DIN 223 / EN 22568 AKON Werkzeuge GmbH

Holders for dies (DIN 223 / EN 22568)

To be used on a lathe

AKON die holders enable problem-free and exact threading on a lathe. Place the die in the holder and get started.


Easy to use
The holder is merely placed onto the lathe mandrel located in the tailstock. Size 1 holders are manually positioned onto the mandrel. Our larger holders are secured against torsion with parallel keys.

Fast exchange
Different holders can be exchanged rapidly on the same mandrel.

Thread cutting through straight alignment
The holder is guided precisely on the lathe mandrel and therefore threads are cut perfectly and straight. No more poor finish or defective threads.

Workpiece holders for dies DIN 223 for male thread
Workpiece holders for dies DIN 223 for male thread

A lathe mandrel is to be ordered together with the die holder.

Part No. Size For die OD and height (mm) Dimensions (mm) Thread to be cut
d1 d2 h ISO metric coarse thread size - DIN 13 ISO metric fine thread size - DIN 13 Max. thread length (mm)
101605 1 16x5 12 16 5 M1 - M2.6 M2 x 0.25
M2.6 x 0.35
102007 1 20 x 7/5 12 20 7 M3 - M6 M3 x 0.35
M6 x 0.75
304518 3 45 x 18/14 25 45 18 M16 - M20 M16 x 1
M20 x 2
305522 3 55 x 22/16 25 55 22 M22 - M24 M22 x 1
M26 x 1.5
306525 3 65 x 25/18 25 65 25 M27 - M36 M27 x 1.5
M36 x 2

Scope of supply: Die holders incl. a hex key.

The threads to be machined represent only a small selection. Please refer to your die catalog for additional dies which can be used to cut Whitworth threads, Whitworth pipe threads, etc.

Product video: AKON die and tap holder sets

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