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AKON tap holders with a 4-jaw square

Tap holders

AKON tap holders center the tap exactly in the provided drill-hole. A finely aligned positioning results in a perfectly straight thread. No more poor finish or defective threads. Cut your threads in an uncomplicated way, fast and with high quality.

A lathe mandrel is to be ordered together with the tap holder.

Part No. Size Dimensions (mm) ISO Metric coarse thread size - DIN 13
d1 Square
100106 1 12 2.1 - 4.9 M1 - M6
300424 3 25 3.4 - 14.5 M4 - M24

Scope of supply: Tap holders incl. a T-handle wrench.
Please refer to your tap catalog for additional taps which can be used with.

AKON workpiece holders for female thread
AKON workpiece holders for female thread

Product video: tap holders

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